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January 8, 2014

Are You a Born-Again Christian?

Many people claim to be a Christian. Some say they are one because they were born into a Christian family or a Christian nation. Others say that their parents had them baptized as an infant and are, therefore, Christian. Others say that the

December 30, 2013

Does Jesus Wear Camo?

DOES JESUS WEAR CAMO? Sue Stidham Does Jesus wear Camo, jeans and a hoodie, a long white robe or does he dress just like you? The answer is yes. Not only is He all things to all people but Jesus in us is to be the light shinning in all ne

November 27, 2013

Benefit Worship Concert "We R Family"

We are hosting a benefit concert to raise money for orphaned children in the Kansas City area! It will be a great night of worship and a fun family event that will change the lives of all who attent! We have a Facebook event called Benefit