Young Woman Finding Her Forever Home Put ME To Tears!

Mentor Turned Foster Mom

A young couple decided to adopt their foster child they had been staying with. The mother, Meredith had been the girl's mentor for a while before she moved in. The father met the foster child after she moved in. During that time, he met all sides of her and her personality and looked towards God. He explained to the child all the wonderful things she does and that she is appreciated and valued.

Foster Parents Turned Adoptive Parents

The girl and I were already in tears when that happened. But, then things got more surprising. They announced they were going to adopt the 19-year-old. The girl started bawling she had finally found her forever family. This happens very unusually, older children in foster care do not get adopted because of their age. However, this young couple looked past the age and looked inward towards the girl's personality. This family is always going to be there for her in times of trouble and struggle. Blessings to the newly expanded family.