Why start a Christian Democratic party in the United States?

Christian Democracy is a political idealogy that has spread worldwide and was popular in Europe and Latin America following World War II. The platform can best be described as socially conservative but moderate to progressive on issues such as the economy and the environment. No such party has existed in U.S. politics. However, with recent political tensions we feel that it is time that the U.S. to have Christian Democratic candidates run as 3rd party candidates.

Christian Democrats came to power in post World War II Europe. Europeans at that time had seen the ravages of Nazism, Fascism, and Communism. A political idealogy formed in Catholic confessional parties which also saw a great deal of support from Protestants. Both groups were weary of radical ideas and wild extremes and believed the Bible to be a greater voice of reason than the traditional left-right divide. This new idealogy was centrist, eclectic, populous, and highly pragmatic. Best of all, it was logically concise and put a massive degree of emphasis on the respect for human life and dignity of the person. Christian Democracy essentially got it's name from the combined influences of social conservatism and Catholic social teaching. Much like the name suggests, Christian Democrats also are very strong advocates for Democracy as governmental model. It should also be noted that Christian Democracy is a political platform and does not force a particular faith or creed, but rather is very deeply and openly supportive of faith based institutions and free exercise of religious belief in everyday life.

Christian Democrats are highly similar to Social Democrats on economic policy. However, Social Democrats arrive at many of their conclusions through secular humanism. Christian Democrats and Social Democrats traditionally disagree on issues like abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, and the role of faith in society due to this reason. In America, the Democratic Party is the equivalent to what Social Democrats are in Europe.

Much like in the European catalyst before, Atheism and Anti-Christian sentiment have become in vogue in many circles on the left. These views are historically very dangerous and have resulted in the deaths of millions in officially atheist Communist states. One of our major objectives is to push back against many of the actions of secularist organizations while simultaneously pointing out the hypocrisy of the political right in America. A strong traditionalism is also an important reason. I'm sure many of us grew up in environments where we were taught to have reverence to God and at the very least have enough respect for elected officials to not bring guns to town hall meetings. This left-right divide is forcing our hand in an unfair choice. Each time we vote, we either vote for the hedonism and godlessness of the left or the social Darwinism, greed, and disrespect of governmental authority figures of the right. I believe that a person should stand up for what they believe in and for those of us who are social conservatives that disagree with the GOP on other issues, we are alienated from the political conversation and left without candidates we actually like. We are ridiculed by people we would normally agree with because we are pro-life, pro-traditional family, and don't appreciate it when they bash our faith. Then, we often have to keep our progressive opinions to our self around other social conservatives.

This leads to the conclusion and the various reasons why this is such a great idea. We need to be able to vote our heart. Many people are deeply angered at both parties and it is time for a deeper support for third party candidates. For those of us that are social conservatives with more left of center views than the GOP on economics, we need candidates we can vote for. If an "American Fascist Party," an "American Communist Party," and an "American Nazi Party" can exist, then an American example of Christian Democracy can as well. This is especially true when considering the very close diplomatic friendship the United States has with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany. Libertarians started out as a small group of people meeting in a living room in 1971, now they have a Presidential candidate and a history of successful politicians. If they can do it, we can too. Even if we can't, we still win. Our presence counts as a protest vote. Meaning Democrats and Republicans would have to become a bit more moderate (our version of moderate) to try and make sure we don't take votes away from them. If America is in a state of cultural divide and war then those of us who are from backgrounds that are respectful to our creator and to things like education and well maintained roads need to stand up and represent our culture as well. I firmly believe we can mend things for the better. We need reasonable voices like ours to be heard after the many years of the two halves of the biopoly going at each others throat.