Why Are Killers Getting Younger?

Years ago, Nintendo and Atari commanded the attention of America’s children. Now, it’s a multitude of handheld devices, electronic gadgets, the internet – often uncensored and unsupervised – where our children spend countless hours; cell phones, and brutal, bloody, desensitizing, violent “shoot ‘em up” video games that not only have the children addicted, but the parents, as well. Is it any wonder we have children who kill? Ironically, people think gun control is the answer.

It is not the guns…it’s the lack of interaction with God-fearing, Bible-believing, parents who commit to raising children in a Godly manner. It’s the lack of fathers and mothers working together (whether in the same home or not)…there is no excuse! If you do not have contact with your little children: Straighten up, act right, get help if you need it, and be a parent! But I digress. Sort of.

These days, it seems the only thing that gets undivided attention is a text message or a video game. Watch parents out with their young children, who are desperately trying to pull Mom or Dad’s attention away from the cell phone, and failing. Texting and talking takes precedence over spending time with the children. Why is it we feel that when a phone rings, it MUST be answered, and texts must be immediately read?

We’ve got a nation too full of people dependent upon the government for their livelihood. Too many children know only one parent. Churches are divided, deceived, and confused, teaching a watching world that they don’t really have any standard by which to live. Why? Because the Bible has lost its authority in America, in the church, in the hearts of people. 

When is the last time you complained about our nation, our president, your spouse, the high costs of gas, but didn’t pray about it?

When is the last time you wasted an hour (or two or three) in front of the computer?

When is the last time you spent an hour on your cell phone gossiping?

When is the last time you spent an hour in prayer praying God’s will?

When is the last time you spent an hour in prayer seeking His direction over your own plans?

When is the last time you memorized a Bible Passage? Spent half an hour reading the Word? Spent half an hour in quiet (or loud) prayer?

The Bible is, indeed, the Word of God, but it is no longer studied; its passages no longer memorized. It is our sword, our protection in the fight for our lives and the lives of our children. Without its truths internalized in our hearts, is it any wonder that Americans are deceived into electing ungodly men to run our country? America largely doesn’t want to include God. Period. It really is time to pray.