Whitney Houston: Lessons In Death

Whitney’s death is sad, but so is any death.

Sadder still is any death that occurs apart from knowing your Creator on a relational level. The hope we have is that she is with the Creator because of some external things she said or what we may have witnessed on TV or in interviews. Let us not wait for someone to have that same “hope” for us.

Brushing aside a person’s struggles, so in kindness we can say, “they’re in God’s loving arms,” seems the “right” thing to do, but I believe does injustice to what might be an opportune time to consider things from a more profound perspective. I am not advocating harshly judging the one who died, but encouraging you in these sad moments that happen in everyone’s life to contemplate honestly, for our own benefit and the benefit of our families and friends, this life we live now and the one to come. Tomorrow is not promised. God can require your life in an instance, whether you know Him or not. I don’t speak in prideful assurance, but in humble recognition of my own poor state that even now, still rears its head at times.

Every death, whether celebrity, politician or layperson is used by God to bring us to a place of reflection, of conviction, and hopefully salvation when we see how precious and delicate that life we have been given is and how quickly it can be snuffed out. God has allowed Whitney to give her family, her friends and her fans one last gift, to come to a place in they're minds and hearts to contemplate the things of God and hopefully place there faith in the greatest love of all, not the love inside of you, but the one who died for you, Christ Jesus.

Drink deeply these thoughts on death, let them bring life everlasting to you..

R.I.P. Whitney Houston, we hope you rejoice with the angels!