What iPosters Have to Say About Whitney Houston

As the famed singer's family and friends gathered Saturday to at New Hope Baptist Church to celebrate Houston's life and morn her loss, The Christian Post's iPost community shared their thoughts and views.

iPoster Rev. Auston Miles said, "The unexpected death of Whitney Houston the day before [the Grammys] plunged everyone into a tail-spin." Indeed there were several tributes from her a-list admirers the Sunday following her death. American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson sang Houston's version of the memorable song, "I will always love you" while rapper and actor LL Cool J gave a prayer for Houston and her family.

Miles noted that Cool J delievered a "beautiful prayer" demonstrating "all sincerity" although some in the audience did not bow their heads.

An iPoster who goes by the handle TooManyTorns said, "The hope we have is that she is with the Creator." The iPoster refelected on the singer past interviews saying Houston's fequently talked of God's love. In the last performance before her passing, Houston sang "Yes, Jesus loves me."