Twins Killed! Teen Mom Posts Ultrasound Photo Before Abortion, and Says 'I Can't Bear Them'

A shocking story about abortion goes viral on internet in China recently.

Being pregnant before marriage, a 19-year-old Chinese girl posted her pregnancy kit and baby twins ultrasound photos before she got an abortion.

Haiyan Yang, a college student at Songjiang University Town in Shanghai City, on Tuesday, posted her ultrasound report on a very popular social network site called Renren, which is mainly targeted at college students in China.

The report shows that this teen mom has twins. “Twins…,” said Yang in the meanwhile. After this post, she uploaded her pregnancy test kit photo and wrote, “Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to babies. I can’t bear them.”

These photos went viral in the last two days as a few well-known forum promoting. Many Chinese people on internet condemned this young girl’s action. “It’s not something glorious. How can she make it public?”

Some expressed their pities for the unborn twins, and hope the young generation can get good education about life. “Speechless! As a mother of the generation after 1990s, I think the education about before marriage is very important.”

After seeing so many critical comments, the young girl gave a strong response, saying she posted these photos just for memorial and nothing to do with anyone.

According to the local reports, the young girl has made abortion a few days ago in the same hospital she had the ultrasound examination.

“If my family agreed to, and have economic ability, will I not want to keep the babies?” Yang wrote in another post on Wednesday.

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