Top 12 Reasons Christians Don't Share Their Faith

1. Fear.

The fear of being ridiculed, disapproved and persecuted by the world, especially those close to us and those who have authority over us like parents, spouses and bosses. --Edith Ugochi Ohaja

When I say persecution, I mean quite literally. I'm in the military, and we've been told that we are not to share our faith. It’s not about being lukewarm. It’s a literal fear of persecution and punishment. -- Shawn C McKibben

We have bought into this PC mentality. Live and let live. Don't offend anyone. We are allowing our youth to be brainwashed in the school systems. Our own lives fail to measure up as Christians. Your best witness is how you allow Christ to live in you!!! -- Janet Lowery Palmer

Fear of false judgment and persecution. Also, to avoid harassments, to avoid debates that can end whatever relationship yours in, friend, work, social situations, networks, neighbors, etc. --Cathy Flaherty F

I am the wife on an amazing preacher/pastor who was actually fired for preaching truth from the pulpit and calling leadership in the church accountable for sins, lies, and hypocrisy. Persecution is very real both inside and outside the church but that is okay-we are blessed when we are persecuted on account of Christ. I think many don't share because they aren't actually believers but like to claim the title of Christian, it's very unfortunate. However, persecution will refine God's followers, it's no different from what most Christians have experienced throughout time and cultures with the exception of "Christendom" in America-which has become an idol into itself and lulled many into misconceptions if what following Christ is really all about. It is sad that we are so afraid to share our faith since it is the good news of abundant and eternal life. -- Elizabeth Shrader Smith

Afraid of rejection, we have to remember that they are not rejecting us but Christ. -- Roxanne Peroldo

Fear of man rather than fear of God. -- Jose Hernandez

2. They don't feel or think that they are qualified.

I AM ALSO GUILTY OF THAT. I spent most of my life trying to heal my emotions. Didn’t feel qualified to share the gospel I was so messed up who would want what I have if I am still a mess? --Janet Lee

Because their personal walk with the Lord is suffering, and they feel inadequate or hypocritical. I've seen it over and over again; especially as of late. This world is suffocating people like never before, even Christians. -- Mike Johnson

They have secret sins. -- Mark White

3. They want to keep their jobs.

Just to keep their jobs, Christians have negated the Great Commission. --Robert de Jesus

In the workplace you fear loosing your job. It is a very real possibility in this day and age. However in the church it is also a problem because of the legalists. You might not get it right. There is so much structure in some of our churches that every little thing seems under scrutiny. People have to be introduced or brought to a group. Then to church... it is no wonder so many have given up and left. -- Nita Moser

4. Complacency, lack of compassion and passion, spiritual laziness

Luke 8:14 And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection. THAT is why they are not interested and obedient to God. They want everything from God, but they do not want to give anything. The moment things go wrong, they blame God. If they are ashamed of God, He will be ashamed of them. -- Ane Huculiak

Also the fact that some Christians focus on what Jesus can do for them and not what they can do for Jesus. -- Bernice Ariel Gaona

Discomfort, costs time and sacrifice, it's not in the routine. It sucks. I am guilty of this as well - why aren't we obeying Christ's commands to "Go and preach the Good News to all creation"?! He's the only thing who matters in this life - why NOT?! -- Ethan Zuck

People who love the world pleasures much more than the heavenly things. --Jedson Damasceno

Because it will cost us something and we have become comfortable. But our comfort is deceptive. One day we will be wholly reconciled with God. This life on earth is our only opportunity to lay ourselves on the altar of sacrifice for Christ and His message. Our only opportunity is to "give" something to Him. A gift actually costs us something. --Amy Scott Tucker

Sadly too many Christians are more concerned with there own life. --Janet Lee

Don't love Jesus more than selves. -- Cheryl S. Seidner

5. Too many worry about "political correctness".

It's not politically correct anymore to share your faith. -- April Smith Ciolek

It is more important to me what God thinks about me than what people think of I have no problem sharing my faith....but I do see a real political correctness when it comes to others sharing their faith....-- Darlene Barcus Spears-Esposito

Political correctness has replaced biblical witness.-- Cathy Kelley

6. Influenced by worldly culture

Because they have believed the lie that they are "pushing" their beliefs on someone. -- Fred Santana

They think belief is a private matter instead of going out to make disciples. -- Elisabeth Marrapodi

They think they need to keep it private so they don't offend someone. -- Heather Holland
The secular humanistic world view has permeated the culture to the point Christian's are not allowed to have a voice in a culture that is so pluralistic. The concept that there would be just one way, "Jesus" to find eternal life is unreasonable in the minds of most unbelievers. --PeterandLori Querin

7. A lack of training and don't know how to share.

I believe it's because they weren't informed about the true meaning and responsibility of being a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ. -- Angel Ramos

And I think too many of were never really taught how to. -- Janet Lee

The need to defend our beliefs to a skeptical society leaves most Christians unprepared due to a lack of apologetics training. Most Christians either don't have the time or are unwilling to spend the time needed to educate themselves in this area. --PeterandLori Querin

Do not know how to answer objections from secularists and different religions. They should teach Christianity 101 apologetics in public schools :-) --Kayla Khanh Nguyen

No solid teaching on apologetics in the church and it leaves everyone ill equipped to know why we believe what we believe. Ravi Zacharias says apologetics makes the believer think and the thinker believe. I am determined to teach my children apologetics so they are not stranded and question their own faith because they were never taught. Angela Weber

They are afraid of not-knowing how to answer the questions that the nonbelievers are going to ask. -- Jedson Damasceno

8. Not strong Christians with strong faith.

They have not truly experienced The Holy Spirit. They may be religious (following tradition) but they aren't Godly people (not taking their cross daily, Luke 6:24) -- Wayne Wee

The Holy Spirit is not active in their lives. They are not sold out to Jesus. When the Holy Spirit has anointed a believer they can not keep Jesus to themselves. It's like fire shut up in their bones!!! -- Jessica Simon

They feel no conviction in their own life and have not had that transforming experience that would give them a true testament of the Lord's work in their life. -- Joseph Alexander Nagy Jr.

They are only 'hearers' NOT 'doers' of God's Word! --Christin De Meo

They give the Holy Spirit no place in their hearts. --Rivolino Sopacua

Lack of true knowledge, true devotion to the almighty. -- Jedson Damasceno

9. Few people believed what they said and believed in.

Because we live in a world that is so tolerant of everything but Christianity! Just the mention of "Jesus" sends everyone to their politically correct corner. This world can not accept to "Just Believe" and "Have Faith" in something you can't see. As for me...Jesus is the only answer! -- Susan Brouwer

Yes. Because most people, especially in this country, already have strong convictions and would not be receptive to something that refutes what they believe. --Francis Francesco Jr.

Many people don't really want to heart it. --Peggy O'Connor

10. They believed some false beliefs.

There is the belief that many not-really evangelicals have that everyone is going to be saved, that in the New Testament, God no longer judges sin, that grace means that we get to sin freely, etc. -- Steve Schaper

Some Christians really believe that all they have to do is live the Christian life and that by doing just that, people will be encouraged to ask those Christians why they behave the way they do. I believe that Christians not only should live Christ-like lives but also open their mouths and not be afraid to share the gospel, of course, as the Holy Spirit leads you. --Robert de Jesus

Have been deceived that all they have to do is live their faith. --Joseph Alexander Nagy Jr.

11. They don’t know the Gospel clearly and rightly.

It's because people are not getting the "TRUE DOCTRINE" of the bible, many "so-called churches" do not preach about all people are born in "SIN" and the need for "SALVATION" and having a "growing relationship with JESUS CHRIST", what has happened over the past forty years or so is that there has been a "WATERING DOWN" of the gospel to just a "FEEL GOOD MESSAGE" and not one toward a "LIFESTYLE OF HOLINESS" --Curtis Mattox

12. They don't see the example from Church leaders.

They don't see the pastors witnessing or the leaders Christians don't see the example. -- Roberto Sierra

They never see their own pastors leave the desk, office or pulpit and set the example. --David Woods

Because churches do not do much of street evangelism anymore or encourage evangelism. --Jeanne De Pasquale Sparks

Every Christian is a minister. That do not mean you have to stand up in a pulpit, but that you should minister to your family, friends, and people you come in contact with. The Word of God said "take my word to the end of the earth", that is a command. --Doris Price

Apostle Paul said, "I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes." As followers of Jesus Christ, what are your responses to those reasons? How can Christians overcome their barriers when it comes to evangelism?