Three Bear Cubs Stuck in Dumpster Were Crying for Their Mom; But What Happens Next Will Definitely Melt Your Heart!

A mamma bear was obviously in a hurry and looked much worried when she was unable to save her three Cubs from dumpster. The three were crying for their mom.

Shirley Schenk and her husband Tom who live nearby heard the cries outside their Ruidoso, N.M. home, and once it was light enough, drove up and dropped a ladder into the dumpster.

Soon afterwards, those cubs climbed out with the ladder and came to their mom.

"I was not scared. I had my husband driving and I knew we'd drop it and go. ... I would have never done that on foot," Shirley Schenk told ABC News.

According to ABC News, Shirley sees the black bears twice a week and says that they are rarely aggressive.

"The world is a mess, but there's still some good in it. This will make you feel better," one YouTube viewer said.

"These two are smart and brave, wonderful people," another one commented.

(Photo: Screenshot)