This Poor Man Was Rejected By A Rich Man's Daughter.10 Years Later,He Meets Her Again

What are the qualities that you look for in a partner?

When I was younger,I preferred goog-looking and funny men.But as I got older,men who were smart,understanding,and responsible became more attractive for me.I developed this preference because I wanted a loving husband who my future kids could look up to.However,there's no denying that there are some women who prioritize something else when looking for an ideal partner - those who look for men who can give them anything and everything they want.Because of this,they tend to check the contents of a man's bank account first before knowing their personality and character.

Such is the case of a popular story circulating online about a man rejected by a rich man's daughter because he didn't make enough money to support her lavish lifestyle.Ten years later,the two accidentally bumped into each other.The ending of the story is absolutely unexpected but it will give you a valuable lesson in life.

Read the full story below:


A boy had fallen in love to a rich man’s daughter. He had overcome his love for the girl and proposed to her. However, because of the boy’s standing in life he was rejected easily by the girl and said that his monthly salary is just equivalent to her daily expenses. She also said that she can never love him and forget about her and marry someone else on his level.

The boy gut hurt, but he had later moved on into his life. After 10 years they accidentally meet each other in a shopping mall. The girl immediately recognized him and talked to each other. The conversation comes like this:

“Hey, how are you? I am married to a very smart man and his salary is $15,700 month! Can you beat that?”

The man look totally upset on the girl and could not even respond, the woman’s wealthy husband had returned.

“Sir? Good afternoon! I see you have met my wife!”

The man replied and said:

“Good afternoon too. Mr…?”

“Mr. Carter, Sir!”

The husband turned to his wife and said that the man is his boss and he is the owner of the $100 million company he is working for.

The man who had been rejected 10 years ago stood up and smile. A few moments he started to excuse himself and go.

The lady is a little bit shocked and turned to his husband and said:


His husband responded and started to narrate his boss’ story to her. That his boss had a sad story, the boss told him once that 10 years ago he was dumped by the girl she loved because he is poor. So he worked hard and makes himself a multi-millionaire business man. But still he can’t move on from the heartache and still unmarried.

The lady looked in a total shock and couldn’t speak even a single word.