These Two Kids’ Performance of ‘The Prayer’ is Unbelievably Good!

These two kids Noelle and Ryland have amazed thousands of people with their performance of “The Prayer” (Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion) and they continue to amaze through this video. They are just wonderful singers!

Viewers who see this video cannot help but leave good and inspiring comments.

“This was absolutely amazing! You two sound wonderful together! I have to share this immediately with all my friends of Rivenmaster. com Please create more like this!” said one YouTube viewer.

"OMG! I'm crying. Noelle you never stop amazing me and Ryland was incredible," another added.

(Photo: YouTube)

It is normally difficult to find good duet material for such a young male-female pair. But this song seems to have been the perfect choice. We hope they can continuously touch people’s heart with their amazing voice.

(H/T: Noelle ???)