The Three Spiritual Lessons We Learn From Luke 16:19-31

Some time ago,I heared from a pastor that how much you could get from the Bible depends on how much you wanted to get from the Bible and how deep you medidated.About the story we can taste it from our own experience or draw deep water from it.I have concluded three lessons from the story.

#1 God exsits and there are heaven and earth.

Just as Ge 1:1 goes,God created the heaven and the earth.This is the declaration from the Bible.Sometimes we are blinded by the world that we live just like God is far away from us,but through the story from Luke 16,we can learn that even if the rich man's soul is asleep,but God and His word never change.

#2 The position on earth does not decide your position in heaven.

Some people may misunderstand this story,and they believe rich men cannot enter the Kingdom of God.Turly,the Bible says:''Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”However we can not interpret this story superficially,we can conclude that the position on earth does not decide your position in heaven.In other words,criteria of the kingdom of God is diifferent from that of the earth.We can not enter the heaven by wealth,nor by fame,nor by apearance,but grace from God and our faith.

#3 Life on earth does not represent eternity,everyone is destinied to die,and will also face judgement after that.

Life on earth is not the terminal point.If we take part in a sprint or a marathon race,there should be different attitudes.So when we realize there will be eternal life our death,we will be more serious about our faith and our life.

Just meditate the sorrow of the rich man and the peace of Lazrus, I think we can clearly know what is the most important in our life.