The Talented 12-Year-Old Foster Triplets Amaze with This Song

When I was younger, I loved nothing more than to sing. I would belt out Disney tunes and dance around my house, and my poor parents would have to put up with the noise! Nowadays, I’m just a little bit older, so I don’t sing out loud as much, but every time I do, I wish I sounded as good as the Foster Triplets.

The triplets Malaika, Mahari, and Mikaili aren’t ordinary 12-year-olds. Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, the triplets are homeschooled by their parents. After all, with all the performances they put on as professional singers, they must have a busy schedule to keep!

Their voices were discovered when they were just 2 years old, when they sang in church. Since then, they’ve been performing at different churches and ministering. They’ve even released an album entitled What a God.

But when you see — and hear — them for yourself, it’s hard not to be blown away by their sheer talent. Though their music caters to a specific audience, mostly churchgoers, the beauty of their voices can be appreciated by all.

Just watch this performance at the Calvary Seventh Day Adventist Church. All three are dressed identically, and when you hear them sing, you’ll be swept away.

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