The Miracle Working Power of God

A testimony of God creating flesh from nothing.

Back in 1990, I knew a man by the name of Paul that had an elderly basset hound by the name of Dude.

Dude was an outdoor dog and liked to roam the streets. When I came home one afternoon I saw Paul with his dog. Dude was walking on three legs. I asked Paul why. He said that Dude spent the night roaming the streets and came home early in the morning limping. Paul examined his injured paw and discovered that Dude had severed off completely three of his pads down nearly to the bone.

When Paul showed me his injured paw my heart went to that dog. I went home and immediately got on my knees and cried out to God to heal Dude.

About 3 or 4 weeks later I saw Paul and asked him how Dude was doing. He said that he healed up. I asked if his pads were back and Paul said "No". I was disappointed because I believed that God would restore his pads to him.

About a week or so later later Paul and I were talking with a mutual friend. Dude was with him. Paul was trying to explain to our friend what had happened. She didn't believe him so I rolled Dude over to show her. Much to my surprise the pads were there along with the grey matter. You would not have been able to tell that anything ever happened to Dude's paw. Since muscle can't grow back then the only explanation was that God recreated Dude's pads and grey matter supernaturally.

God did not use natural means to have Dude's pads and grey matter appear; instead He gave the word for Dude's pads and grey matter to appear from nothing in response to my prayer.

God , through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, is truly a miracle working God.