The Man Called Rob Bell

Freedom At Last

Don't tell me you love me; tell me the truth.

This is something that most people have proven themselves to be incapable of doing. And that is seeking the truth from our fellow men. We mostly do not want to hear what others have in mind; all most people want to hear is what they want to hear irrespective of the feelings and inner convictions of the speaker.

I really do not care much about the facts of someones beliefs. What matters to me is that you state what you really believe irrespective of how crazy, stupid or irrational it may appear to the ruling parties of worldviews.

I remember a major story regarding a Mega Church Pastor by the name Rob Bell who wrote a book documenting his convinctions regarding the existence of hell. His thoughts seemed to strongly suggest that hell is not eternal and that everyone will go to heaven in the end. Of course, this drew a very sharp criticism from the Christian community as it seemed to go contrary to one of the pillars of the Christian faith.

While I meditated on the developing story, I couldn't help but applaude the courage and authenticity of Rob Bell regarding expressing the convictions of his perspectives on the subject at hand. While I may not agree with the core of his beliefs regarding the nature of heaven and hell, I do agree with his willingness to come out clean about what he truly believed.

Let's stop pleading with people to lie to us. Because that's what most people do when they sense that someone else's beliefs is not in line with their own beliefs. They begin to attack and isolate the person until the person apologises for saying the truth and then begins to lie about his inner convictions. Then the enemies of freedom heave a sigh of relief and pat the poor fellow on the back as the lies begin to flow. And then frustration begins to grow within and consequentially spread without.

I can only imagine what Rob Bell probably had to go through all the years he kept his inner convictions under hiding. Standing in front of thousands of his followers and unable to talk to them about what he truly believes out of fears of his peers who will not go to the grave with him in solidarity if he dies out of the frustration of a suppressed expression.

Let's stop making liars out of our fellow men. It's just not worth it.

This post was written by Pastor Increase Divine-Wisdom.

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