The Gospel of Archbishop Veron Ashe

"We always had services on Tuesday night at Zoe Ministries. Bishop Jordan, an avid traveler during those years, was almost always there. He'd preach all day on Sunday then would teach on most Tuesday nights. He'd then head out to evangelize on Wednesday through Saturday or as his schedule dictated. Bishop Jordan made it a point to try to be home (church) on Sunday and Tuesday. Yet though he was home on October 22, 1995, Bishop Jordan didn't preach. A young man by the name of Prophet Veron Ashe preached.

As I stated before, when I arrived, most of the congregation seemed to be enjoying themselves. They were walking up and down the aisles, clapping, shouting and encouraging Ashe to preach as he apparently said the things they wanted to hear. He especially had the attention of the ladies as he was talking about all of the things he was going to do for the woman he married. Like I said earlier, he had them eating out of the palm of his hands. Though some of the women were in awe of Ashe's message, another aspect that set him apart was the fact that he was a white man who preached and sounded like he was black. That was a rarity in those days. Bishop Jordan was no stranger to welcoming whites and others into his pulpit. But for the most part they were teachers or they shared prophetically. During my tenure at Zoe Ministries, I had never seen a white person to come in and preach the way Ashe did. He was touted for coming in and 'wrecking the house.' It's almost as if Ashe's ministry was somewhat of a throwback from times past of sorts. Zoe Ministries was a non-denominational church but most of the members had Pentecostal and or Baptist roots. So his style of teaching kind of took us back to our roots. And that's why what happened next was so disturbing."
The above is a snippet from my forthcoming book The Gospel According to Archbishop Veron Ashe. It's been a long time coming. In fact, I almost chose not to write it as I've had no real dealings with Veron Ashe. I don't know him personally and have only spoken to him via email a hand full of times. But for some reason I happened upon his ministry some 15 years ago and it left an indelible mark on me. For the most part, I was a 'fly on the wall.' I was 'there' or 'around' but nobody really knew who I was. Over the years, I saw a lot and heard a lot. And though I tossed around the idea of writing a book, I really didn't think I'd get too much feedback from it. During the past several years, Ashe's ministry had taken somewhat of a nose dive and he was no longer the public figure he once was. However, after seeing the overwhelming response from an article I wrote about him and posted on this site, it appeared there was and still is interest in the enigma the world calls Archbishop Veron Ashe. To this end, I started the book. To read more of this impending tome, you can visit my website at Once there, click on the Media tab to find a few more pages from the chapter.