The Family Is God's Greatest Masterpiece! (Top 10 Best Quotes about Family)

#1 The affection of a mother towards her son is like nothing else in existence. This is the kind of love that sets out all things and smashes down remorselessly every one of that stands in its way.

#2 There is no man that has ever had enough of his child’s appreciation or his wife’s adoration.

#3The most important thing in the world is family and nothing more.

#4 By day’s end, an adoring family ought to forgive every transgression within it.

#5 Family implies all are loved and remembered.

#6 A man ventures to the farthest corners of the planet and searches for what he needs most in his life. It is only when he returns home that he discovers it.

#7 Happy families are all made of the very same thing.

#8 Whether or not you choose to call it a family, whoever you are in this life, you require one.

#9 The only way to advance peace and happiness in this world is to go home and show nothing but love to your family.

#10 Every other profession exists to support the definitive vocation; to take care of one’s family.