Submit to God as the Authority and Be Not Deceived by False Prophets


The body of Christ is crippled, and sadly, no one is seeing this. No one calls it out as wrong, and nobody is taking a stand. Well I will. I will, because I love my Lord Jesus. I will, because there are souls at stake. I will, because people, are not seeing the truth. They are compromising who they are in Christ. They have listened to so many who have distorted truth, and have made their own "religion." I will because I will stand before God. I will write it, and say it is wrong!

The following statement, is not my statement. But because this was shared by a prominent ministry I am using it as an example. These are their words, word, for word. It was not taken out of context, or in part. Let the record show it, for what it is.

Don’t pray and ask God to fight Satan for you. You are the one in authority. Take your responsibility and speak directly to Satan yourself and stand your ground firmly. He will flee!

I have to be honest, when I saw this statement, I felt the hair on my neck stand up! How dare they say this kind of nonsense. Who is the authority? They are talking about? Who is their audience? Is it a born again Christian? Is it someone who has given their heart to Christ? Is it someone who is quoting a compromised Bible? Is it someone who does not know the truth?

Why would they phrase it like that? Don't pray and ask God to fight satan for you? Whose side are they really on? Thats what I am seeing to question?

Where is the loyalty to God? The submission? I don't even capitalize the name of the enemy. But they did. That statement, really says a lot, about the stance they take. Responsibility, they threw that out of the window! Responsibility is knowing Gods word, and seeking Him, in every aspect. Including fighting the devil!

The authority, they talk about makes me wonder, is it pride, that thinks they don't have to pray to God? They can take care of it themselves?

Friends, the King James Bible says, "Pray without ceasing!" Pray!!!! I Thessalonians 5:17. This is how we get victories, this is how we win battles, but we have to pray, they actually say don't pray and ask God. These are their words not mine!

Yes, there are certain, things God has given me authority over. But the scripture is very clear, in times, of battle, with the enemy, the battle is the Lords. And the submission must be given to God, to have Gods protection. This statement does not address that. Yes there is power, in the name of Jesus, there is authority. But this statement did not say that either!

No, it is not me, it is God, that has that authority. and He gives me yes, authority. Yes, as His child, yes, as His servant. But I still have to submit to Him, first. Then I can have full assurance, by the name of Jesus. They don't say that in this statement. This is what the scripture says. And this is why, I question ministries, that say stupid things like this.

I think what bothers me the most about this, is that, it is questionable, and vague. So I question it. No matter what the intention was of that ministry, it is a "Mixed Signal" and that is confusing to whoever would read that!

But I never question Gods holy word, from the King James Bible, and this is what we are called to do to defeat the devil. Along with putting on the armor of God.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7.

To me it is stupid. And usually, I am gracious, to give some the benefit of the doubt. But when a high profile ministry says something like that, and also excludes truth, it makes me wonder...What happened to them? I once enjoyed watching them on television.

What Bible are they using? This is not the first time, I saw discrepancies, that I have challenged, and even wrote to them about because of the Bible they used, but this actually got me righteously angry! I am not judging them, I am seeing the fruit, and that is not of God....

Did you know in Galatians 1, it talks about those who pervert the gospel. Read it from a King James Bible. It says they are ACCURSED! I don't want anything to do with a ministry that perverts Gods word!

They left out that part, that is so important to God. Submitting to Him. Then resisting the enemy. Then the enemy would flee. Why? Because when we submit to God, He is on the case! No devil can stand against God. But our part is to submit to God!

So many souls, read that, nonsense, from this high profile ministry, which I will not name. But how are they to know the truth, unless they know Gods word, themselves? The reactions on that post, was yes, and amen. How the blind, are blinded, because the enemy has deceived them. Trusting these "so-called" prophets. No wonder, so many are crippled. But this statement is so empty, so vague, and yes, so disingenuous, that it makes me think. Sadly.....

It makes me want to scream to Christians, to beware, to be careful not to be deceived. Christ told us let no man deceive you. Matthew 24:4-5. See it from a King James.

We have to know the truth. Christians, and whoever is reading this, believer or non-believer. I implore you. Seek the truth! Seek the true and living God. Seek God and pray. Know the scriptures yourself. Know a King James Bible, so you have the anointing. The holiness, of a Bible, that has not been changed, deleted words, or added words. Use a Holy King James Bible!

If you are in a spiritual battle, because of sin, repent, seek God, submit to God, and His truth, and He will guide you! But always pray to God, always be humble in His sight! Repentant! Because of what Christ did on that cross!

It is sad. This time, in my life, there are very few pastors, or ministries, that I can relate to. The body of Christ should be united. But we are not all on the same page, scripture speaking, and understanding with discernment the true and holy word. Because the word has been changed, and distorted, and because people do not know the difference. People are being deceived. We have to see this.

I pray, for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray, to shout it out, to warn souls, to save souls, to be careful. This affects so many things, concerning who we are in Christ, and what I see right now, is a church, a body of believers, that do not believe the same things, and I pray God does a new thing. If He uses me, so be it.

If you believe, as I do, about this, I would love to hear from you!

But I see those, who should know truth, and instead, they say strange things like this. Is it pride? Is it wealth, and power, in the body of Christ that has caused them to speak such strange things? I don't know. I won't point the finger and I won't name them, because thats not who I am, but I am seeing this, and all I can do is, seek God.

But I am alarmed.

As I submit to God, as the authority, I will not be deceived by false prophets.

Just my thoughts today.....Elena Ramirez