Some Thoughts on MacArthur's Strange Fire Conference

I have had the privilege of knowing the Lord about 40. I grew up in a mainline denomination. We had an evangelical pastor come to our church. Even though he had been trained at a church seminary his view of the gospel was different. People left the church in large numbers; while others with evangelical leaning joined the church.

Speakers were brought in--one Sunday a speaker connected to the full gospel movement came. That was the day I gave my life to the Lord. I also had a good example--a pretty young maiden, to whom I eventually married.

Through my journey there have been ups and downs--I have met many in university and elsewhere who didn't understand following Christianity at all. I will leave that for another time.

I was helped in my Christian growth by people of many denominations. IVCF was a great help. The Full Gospel charismatic movement also influenced a lot.

To say that the Charismatic movement is blasphemous is ridiculous. My experience had been that these groups have been Christian.

A conference like was held on "strange fire" has caused a negative vibe on Christianity.

What I see as the real issue is selfishness. I have known of churches on both ends of the continuum to split.

I question speaking in tongues and that being the means of knowing someone is 'filled with the spirit'
Solid Christians I know stand on both sides of the argument.

What we need to do is understand that we all worship the same God. Good solid theologians come from both camps.

Fighting and tearing down others is not the answer either.

Love one another as Jesus loved us.

(John Thompson)