Shutting the Door on Strongholds

Tips to Avoid The Sin You Struggle With

A stronghold is a sin that is our greatest temptation. A few simple guidelines will help anyone challenged with a repetitive sin, called a iniquity, to take control and use the following tactics to get their life on track. Strongholds can be emotional or physical, but they are both spiritual. They are the sins that trip people up the most and attempt to destroy them. Strongholds consume a life and hold people back from their life in Christ. If the devil can get you to commit a sin, which is not difficult when you are living in ignorance to his schemes, he is able to spiritually divide you from your relationship with Christ, who is your covering, and to conquer your soul. Through this, families are physically split apart and when possible, sanity and souls are shattered as well. Ultimately, the devil's intent is to conquer God's people and those who should be God's people, by getting their "undivided" attention through diversions in order to ultimately "divide and conquer."

In order to succeed in conquering our wickedness that has the possibility of setting us back, or wiping us off the map completely, we must cut out all possibilities. Begin by remembering the reasons why abstaining from that sin is important.

For example:

When you face the Lord, you want to be a person that made God look good. He is your Heavenly Father. You are His child. You are upholding the family name. Therefore, it is important to represent Him, represent being a follower of Jesus Christ, and represent Christianity; that life in Him is real and authentic.

Consider who introduced the Lord to you? You want to make them look good.

Think about anyone who stands with you. You want to make them look good.

Who do you affect by your choices or who witnesses your life: Your children; your friends; your neighbors; your family members?

These are the questions that help us to remember to "be the light", and the hope, which demonstrates our credibility. By our convincing actions, people will know and recognize the difference between an authentic Christian and a charlatan---or a backslider. We can be leaders no matter how weak we think our mind is at this point because we are created to become strong in Christ. If you allow God's Word to become your rock that you stand on, it changes you. The bible guarantees this. This is why we are called believers. We are people who have faith and faith without works is dead.

"And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ. But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness. Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted." (1 Corinthians 10:4-6 KJV)

Put an end to stumbling blocks through your believing works.

Get your mind under control.

Now that you have considered whom you directly or indirectly affect, recognize the situations that draw you to that fortress of transgression. Think about what those settings were. What were your thoughts? I am not referring to the sin itself, but rather what takes place before the sin. We do not want to meditate on the error of our ways because it is the fruit that we desire and thinking about it will only magnify the hunger monstrously. Furthermore, to meditate on immorality isa sin. However, we must make a habit of capturing each thought that comes quickly to convince us.

"(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;" (2 Corinthians 10:4, 5 KJV)

Also, it will help you tremendously to recognize what you are thinking when you are preparing to go to a new location. Sometimes you will realize that your mind is intensely focused on the possible events that may evolve when you arrive. This can create manic feelings or anxiety, which is of the devil. Keep the Spirit in the bond of peace by refocusing on God through His Word or through worship music.

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." (Philippians 4:6 KJV)

We need to avoid people that tempt us in any way to our stronghold whether they realize it or not.

Anyone that begins to give us an uneasiness in our spirit, an instability or an anxiousness to the stronghold, we must avoid them. In other words, you absolutely must make a decision in your mind that if we on earth could see that agreement that you've committed to, it would look like a brick wall or an iron door; not a closed window where you are still observing the possibility.

"Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear of the enemy. Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity: "(Psalms 64:1, 2 KJV)

"But my people would not hearken to my voice; and Israel would none of me. So I gave them up unto their own hearts' lust: and they walked in their own counsels. Oh that my people had hearkened unto me, and Israel had walked in my ways! "(Psalms 81:11-13 KJV)

We must ask for deliverance.

The Lord always makes a way of escape for us. We have to pray consistently as our Lord's prayer suggests that He would deliver us from evil. Remember evil lurks to take you down and wipe you out. It exists only to destroy you and your family.

"And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen." (Matthew 6:13 KJV)

"And when he was at the place, he said unto them, Pray that ye enter not into temptation." (Luke 22:40 KJV)

"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." (Matthew 26:41 KJV)

"But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil." (2 Thessalonians 3:3 KJV)

Avoid denial by considering the depths of your intent.

Two types of denial exist: Sincerely believing our lies or believing our lies because we do not want to face the truth. Convincing ourselves that a situation is not what it really looks like, or convincing ourselves that we can handle it, are deceptions that will bring us down every time. We also cannot embrace denial concerning those beginning thoughts we think about when solicitous events happen. Many times, temptations do not attack us quickly, yet how should we respond if we are suddenly confronted? Falling into sin occurs especially when we are living a lie about how we entered into the situation to begin with. The obvious answer is that we need to recognize and turn away. We need to run. This is also known as repentance.

"Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart." (Psalms 15:1, 2 KJV)

"And he did evil, because he prepared not his heart to seek the Lord." (2 Chronicles 12:14 KJV)

Recognizing those beginning signs is the key to defeating the enemy. Some people give in completely to the temptation and decide that they want to satisfy themselves or they convince themselves that the strong desire is "just who they are." Sinful desires are strongholds and the only way to destroy them is to cut them off completely through equally---or radically strong---continuous, brick-wall decisions, consistent prayer, and heart-felt worship. If you put these actions into practice, you will become an unyielding rock in Christ and you will become like Christ. We have to remain in our place of safety because if we step off of it, we will fall off a cliff allowing the enemy of our souls to win the battle to create hypocrites who are making God and Christianity look badly.

"Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor known Him." (I John 3:6 NKJV)

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7 KJV)

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" (1 Peter 5:8 KJV)

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