Should Christians get involved politically as they speak God's truth on Homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion?

Ken Hutcherson

Ken Hutcherson, senior pastor of Antioch Bible Church in East Seattle traveled to the small community of Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula to give a lecture on freedom and if equal treatment under the law applies to all or just a few.This former pro football player, who became an outspoken activist and pastor, told the gathering of Boomers and beyond, to stop complaining about the condition of our nation and to get involved and do something.

Hutcherson isn’t asking anyone to do something he hasn’t already done. If the school your kid attends is hosting “diversity” events you don’t like—then get on the school board and change it. Or petition them, file in one at a time and explain your grievance, and if need be, don’t vote for supporting school levies. Get your church behind it too. Christians need to be activists for the right causes. God’s causes.

Homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion are legal and accepted today because Christians didn’t do enough to change it. Hutcherson pointed at the audience and asked where were the Christians in the last two presidential elections? We must blame ourselves when we don’t get involved as we see sinful leaders take office and legislation is legalized that is an abomination to God.

As a final warning, Hutcherson proclaimed, “It’s always the greatest blessing to have the right people hate you.” There’s never been a time that the world hasn’t hated Christians. But never forget that we aren’t here to serve the world. It’s time to either run for political office or get behind a Christian who is.