Seven Ways to Avoid Premarital Sex

It's one thing to know that we should flee sexual immorality, but you may be wondering, "How do I do it?"

Here are seven ways that you can avoid the sin that can destroy you and your future:

1. Sexual sin starts in the mind, so win the war there first by studying the Bible. Fill your mind with God's Word.

2. Stay in church. The more you hear the Word and stay close to other Christians, the better you will keep your focus on spiritual things.

3. Don't ever go out alone with a person you know will tempt you or easily give in to sexual sin.

4. Don't allow yourself to be alone with the opposite sex in a place where temptation is easily fostered.

5. Stay away from sexually suggestive books, magazines, photos, or Web sites that will stir up sexual desires.

6. Build relationships of accountability with parents and strong Christian friends. When going through a trying time, let them know and ask for their help.

7. Make up your mind. Never retreat. Let every new friend you meet know you are committed to sexual purity.