See What This Young Man With Down Syndrome Did That Surprised a Whole Town

There's something that's unusual about Tim Harris, who is a restaurant owner in Albuquerque. He was born with Down Syndrome but it did not stop him from fulfilling his dream. With some support of his parents he opened his own restaurant. He services customers with his warm hugs and sweet smiles everyday and surprises the entire town.

This young man's story will inspire you not give up but to do your best in your life. You can also be great if you can serve.

"Wow, this is the most intelligent person with Down syndrome I have ever seen. Many people with the condition aren't able to speak fluently and articulate their thoughts like this. Along with having a great family, he's a pretty lucky guy," viewer Fast Loris commented on YouTube.

Always remember that your hug and smile can make a difference.

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

(H/T: AOL)