Restoring Integrity to the Prophetic by Archbishop Veron Ashe

Archbishop Veron Ashe

The below is an excerpt from the Restoring Integrity to the Prophetic teaching series compiled by Archbishop Veron Ashe over a decade ago. This particular passage comes from the portion of the series entitled True Prophets. To read more and or to learn how you can obtain this mini book, please visit *Unless otherwise noted, all words and thoughts are those of Archbishop Veron Ashe.*
Prophets are filled with compassion but they do not tolerate a lack of investment in knowing. There must be an investment in knowing; beyond knowing what we are comfortable with. We must be pursuant of truth. God cannot trust you with the rhema (spirit) until you are confident in the logos (written word).
 Amos 8:11 – Behold the day are coming says the Lord God that I will send a famine on the land. Not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water; but of hearing the words of the Lord.
There is not a famine for the word. There is a famine for hearers. The prophets are speaking but people aren’t hearing. God is always speaking. He has never stopped speaking. The book of Revelations says, ‘he that has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying onto the churches.’ The clarion call is to produce a people to have ears to hear what God is saying. Not what they want to hear or what is convenient but what God is declaring in the earth. If you haven’t been faithful over what God has given you, He won’t give you anything else. We must be accountable for truth. Faith comes as a result of hearing the Word. Faith does not come by reading the word. It comes by hearing the word. How can we hear unless there be a teacher? How can he teach except he be sent? You’ve got to hear a preached word that was sent. The issue is that we are dealing with a generation that does not understand what the prophetic is. It’s not just enough to have a prophet if you don’t have a prophetic people.
 Matthew 11:7-18 – Scripture reference
This generation is like children. They want to be entertained but they don’t want to be accountable. They will never be pleased with the vessel that God brings because the vessel will not give you what you want. The vessel will give you what God wants. The vessel comes to put you where God wants you; not where you want to be. There can be no release of anointing until there is submission and accountability; accountability to truth.
 Hebrews 3:15 – while it is said ‘Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your heart as in the rebellion.’
The hearing of His voice causes a soft heart. The lack of hearing causes a hard heart. A hard heart produces pride which brings arrogance. Pride is a person who has been hurt and now disbelieves their own self worth. They have tricked themselves into believing that they are something they aren’t to hide the hurt. Most people who flow in the prophetic have low self-esteem. Every prophetic people will have to deal with the issue of rejection because a prophet is without honor in his own house. This is because he (the prophet) has to have some place where he can be broken and humbled. Home is designed to keep you humble lest you begin to believe that you are the only one who hears the voice of God; lest you believe that you are great. Home is where you learn how to submit. When your heart is soft, you can hear the voice of God.
The word of God comes into a person’s hear to remove excuses. False prophets are usually real prophets. They just aren’t submitted to authority. Accuracy is not the measure of the prophetic. Hearing the voice of God is not the measure of the prophetic. The measure of the prophetic is your involvement beyond the prophecy. Anybody can say what they have heard but only a prophet becomes involved in what he has heard to the point that it will cost him his own obedience. He becomes emotionally involved. This is why a prophet has to be attached to a house that humbles him. You need some place where you aren’t hearing God all of the time; a place where someone will tell you the truth; a place of normalcy. A prophetic people are involved in the lives of people. A false prophet is someone who is not in community which can be considered the Elijah mantle. Paul said if you think you’re a prophet then you need several other prophets to prove it. Deep calls onto deep and iron sharpens iron.