Resisting Sexual Temptation in the Workplace

With more interaction between men and women in the workplace, the battle to be more like Jesus and maintaining a Christ-like testimony has become harder to win. Besides the elementary disciplines of the Christian life, such as stay in the Bible, stay in prayer, and stay in Christian fellowship. There is more we can do to protect ourselves from the attacks of the enemy.

The Call

The first needful thing for us to do is realize that we as Christians are called to be Ambassadors for Christ wherever we are. Considering that most of us spend the largest part of our waking hours at work would suggest the Lord intends for us to serve Him in the marketplace.

And as an Ambassador, everything we do and say is a direct reflection on the One who has called us. Namely Jesus.

If one of the ladies from the office walks through the shop and all the guys quit working to stop and stare. How do you glorify God by doing likewise?

If the ladies in the office gather at the cooler to talk about the delivery guy who brings in the office supply, how will you further the cause of Christ by joining in?

The Enemy

Second, When you committed yourself to being a witness in the workplace, unseen enemies vowed to see you fail. If not destroyed, they will put forth their best effort to cause your failure. The only way to battle them is to resist {James 4:7} or cease being an Ambassador on earth for Christ and return to being a tourist, buying worldly trinkets that will not last.

It is hard to believe there are persons placed in our lives by the enemy to cause our downfall. For a long time my wife tried to warn me about getting too close to the women at work. Some who would love to seduce me and leave me in ruins. Of course I laughed it off, not believing that there were such people. Through years of management experience and dealing with employee relationship conflicts, I came to the conclusion that once again she was "right".

The Testimony

In Revelation 12:11, the Bible states:

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their TESTIMONY, and they loved not their lives to the death."

We know the blood of the Lamb cleanses us from past, present and future sins, and relieving the enemy of any claim to our spirit, soul or body. We also know we should not love our lives so much that we would trade our faith for it. But what many people don't know is that our testimony is one of the most powerful weapons against the enemy. He can dispute the scripture, but he can not dispute what the Lord has done for you.

We can live a good life in front of people, but without the confession of faith, we are just a "good" person. We are no different than the rest of the workforce.

To battle temptations in the workplace, I would first find ways to express my faith to others in a loving way. Anything from face-to-face discussion to simply speaking of your church or pastor during a regular conversation. T-shirts, bracelets and crosses are good, but anyone can wear them.
"For with the heart one believes to righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made to salvation."

Romans 10:10

By establishing your faith verbally, you will divide your co-workers into two groups: those who respect your position and those that do not. The enemy will use those who don't.

Along with voicing your faith, try bringing your Bible to work and maybe even reading it at the break table. Not just any good ole' boy would do this. And remember not to keep your head buried in the pages. Come up for air and breath the Spirit of Life on someone in need.

The Resisting

As mentioned before, we are commanded to resist the enemy, and he will flee. There are many ways of resisting. There is the refusing to commit the sin when tempted. And there is the "Karate Kid" way. You remember the movie. The kid was told the best defense against a blow was not to be there. I must believe that the best way is the latter. To do this I would first recommend you do not allow yourself to be placed in a position where the enemy can foster temptation.

If your supervisor pairs you with a partner of the opposite sex that is known for "sweet talking the ladies" or dressing seductively, ask to be changed. If this does not work, stay focused on your work and insist they do likewise. And of course seek an opportunity to be a witness. If you are in a position to decide company policy, insist on a dress code that demands that nobody dress in " attire that distracts others from their work".

The Relationships

The emphasis in evangelism now is for the evangelist to cultivate a relationship with the prospects before sharing Christ with them. This is widely known as "relationship evangelism". This is a good idea, but we must use caution when befriending someone of the opposite sex. Do not become caught up in the affairs of their home, married or sex life. The person may sound in need, but they might just feel lonely and wouldn't mind using you to temporarily fill that void.

Men, if a woman talks to you, she's trying to communicate something to you. Listen, and if it has a hint of intimacy., Flee! Do not get caught with her alone.

Ladies, If a smooth talking guy comes over to your work area uninvited, send him on his way. Unless it is work related.

The best way to treat a friend of the opposite sex is to treat them as a brother or sister. As stated in First Timothy chapter five and one thru two. There is no problem with having friends of a different gender. Just don't get off alone with them. Stay around the break area where there is safety and support. And never agree to meet after hours unless your spouse can attend.

For those truly in need, keep a list of trusted pastors and their wives and be prepared to refer to them.
Let me stress to you that this is not the final word on the matter. If we would just focus on the Lord, other interest will fade away. Do not forget to stay in the Word, prayer, and Christian fellowship. In these disciplines you can put on the full armor of God, so that you can stand against the scheming of the Devil {Ephesians 6:10-20}. And if you are still having problems, then there is always Matthew 5:27-30.