Remembering Children on World Homeless Day

Today marks World Homeless Day - a day when the world reflects on the needs of homeless people in their community and get involved with local efforts.

For more many in the United States the word "homeless" brings images of adult men and women begging for change on the side of the road. However a 2011 National Center for Family Homelessness reports states that more than 1.6 million children are homeless. Children whose only care should be paying attention in school are forced to carry the adult burden of seeking food and shelter for themselves and/or their families.

Why are so many children homeless? NCFH reported the number of homeless children has increased 38 percent during the years impacted by the economic recession. The recession has reportedly increased risk factors such extreme poverty and housing needs

The report notes that homeless children suffer from hunger, poor physical and emotional
health, and missed educational opportunities. A majority of these children also have limited proficiency in math and reading. urges people to get involved by contacting your local schools, churches and businesses and ask them what they are doing for World Homeless Day. Then present them with partnership opportunities to fundraise or bring public awareness to homelessness.