Putin Soon to Control Web - Unless YOU Stop Him

By: Charles Benninghoff

Time is ticking and Obama’s plan to give away control of the internet to the United Nations is just around the corner on April 23, 2014.

Foreign tyrants, including Putin, are salivating at the chance to seize control of America's biggest asset, the internet.

Only United States citizens can stop Obama’s disastrous plan from happening. Read more about Obama’s plan to give away internet control here.

Experienced and highly-reliable officials say that the very first thing that will happen if the internet falls under "international" control will be a tax on everyone’s internet usage.

This will surely happen as the United Nations has no independent source of revenue to fund its nefarious activities such as supporting jihad and undermining individual freedoms as it has done numerous times.

But, an even bigger threat is the fact that nations like Iran, communist China and Russia will all work to censor online speech.

The internet has been the biggest engine for economic growth, freedom of speech and the spreading of the Gospel to every corner of the earth that has ever been invented.

Obama seeks to gift the internet so that the freedoms and prosperity that the internet brings will go away forever. Obama has already proven that he will do anything to silence his political opponents.

That is what the whole IRS targeting scandal is about and it is why Obama has the NSA illegally spying on American citizens and even Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

This is the reason why Obama is so eager to give internet control away to his friends -- nations that are ideological, economic or political enemies of the United States.

Remember, Obama was caught on camera telling Vladimir Putin of Russia that he would have "more leeway after the election.” Was this internet giveaway what Obama was speaking about? Find out how you can help keep control of the internet in the United States here.

Some Members of Congress believe so.

  • Tea Party Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) says, "Do you really think that Vladimir Putin... isn't going to figure out some way to get control? China and Russia can be very resourceful."
  • Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) says, "The next government that might want to do something, the Russians or the Chinese, will not take the same attitude as the U.S. government towards online freedom.” NOTE: in both China and Russia, the government actively controls what can be viewed and read already.
  • In addition, Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) says that once America gives up control over the World Wide Web, "There is no putting that genie back in the bottle.” Once the US hands the keys to the online kingdom to any other nation, the decision cannot be taken back!

Obama welcomes the internet tax system that these nations will put in place and he knows that he will be able to have conservative patriotic and Christian content censored by his Muslim and communist friends.

Since the dawn of Christianity, the enemies of the Gospel have always worked to censor our speech. They cannot counter Christian arguments, so they try to silence them through force, fear or coercion.

Paul and Silas were arrested and beaten for talking about Jesus in Acts 16:19-24 because they were "teaching customs which are not lawful for us to receive or observe."

Since conservative Christians are the main voices opposed to Obama, he wants to shut them up. What better way to silence conservative Christians than by giving up control of the internet to his overseas friends.

Think of everything that you use the internet for in your daily life. Reading emails, shopping, antagonizing liberals with your arguments, communicating with family members who are thousands of miles away.

Now imagine being taxed to do those things -- or having those activities taken away because Russia, China or Iran decides to flip a switch and shut your internet access down.

If you enjoy the freedom of the internet and believe that internet control is better off in the hands of the United States, you can help by convincing Congress to stop Obama’s plan to give up control of the internet here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so that they can help too.