Put Down the Ten Things, You Will Be More Excellent

1. Put down the Face

Sometimes, we put down our heads to see our roads clearly. Many people want to grasp many things; we are not willing to lose FACE. Finally, we die because of face.

2. Put down the Pressure

Tired or relax, which is decided by what is in your heart. There is a room in our heart; it will be full of dust if we don’t clear it in time. Make a bigger place for our happiness.

3. Put down the Past
Try to change your mentality. You are not the one who you were and learn to say ‘LET IT GO’. Let your PAST pass and harvest your future.

4. Put down the Inferiority

Delete INFERIORITY in you dictionary. Not everyone can be a great person, but everyone can have a strong heart. Please believe yourself, find your position. You can own your valuable life.

5 .Put down the Lazy

Remind yourself of your own reminder: A person who is hard-working, happy, healthy and kind-hearted must have a wonderful life.

6. Put down the Negative

Nobody can defeat you except yourself. Remember you are the biggest enemy of yourself. You can be the best yourself in your whole life if you want.

7. Put down the Complain

Put down the COMPLAIN, accept failure softly. Complain can’t change situation except fighting. Do not think that what you own in your life is less than others, actually, you own as much as what other person owns.

8. Put down the Hesitate

Immediate action is the common characteristic of successful people.

9. Put down the Narrow

If your heart is BIG, your world is big. You make way for others, make way for yourself.

10. Put down the Doubt

It’s difficult to succeed if there is DOUBT in your heart. Do not use a person who you don’t believe. If you work with someone, just believe him.