Psalms 23 Reinterpreted: I LIFT UP MY SWORD!

I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, a true war zone indeed, ignorantly, unconsciously, absent minded, with the naiveté of a child... not remembering what my Father and His Word has taught me... truly irresponsibly. I am so glad He is my Shepherd, full of grace and mercy. Once again, He restores me and makes me anew.

Thinking I know what the enemy's fire looks, feels, and sounds like... I think I am safe. He is my
protector and my redeemer, after all. Yet, as I am seating on the sidelines, I get scrapped by friendly fire... and I am left surprised, dumb founded, and scared.   It is what I should expect, as a spectator, watching reality walk by me, as if it was a fictional movie, thinking I know the ending, "Of course... You win, Lord!"   After all, what is there to do when I already know the outcome?

I'll tell you what there is to do!!   I am done being the bystander, watching this fight happen around me, and thinking I am safe.  I am only safe when I am fighting for you, Lord. I do know the ending of this story. You are that I AM!   Yet, I can chose to be part of the ending, or sit by the sidelines... and take a chance at getting hit by enemy or friendly fire.  It is time to lift my sword and my shield, and fight for you, oh God. You, oh Lord, You are!!

This is a surface wound... nothing to ponder over or overcome, nothing to write home about, nothing to boast or get a ribbon for.  I am so glad for Your fidelity, when I lack mine.  In You, I've found my footing, again.  My strength lies in You, oh God. You are my sword, my shield, my protector.   You are my salvation and redeemer.   You, oh Lord, You are!!   From this day forward, I stand for You.   I take a side, Yours, and if I get hurt again, at least this time it will be because I chose to take a stand... THEN AND ONLY THEN DO I REALLY KNOW I AM SAFE.   My trust is in You, my God!

by Mo Daniels