Professor Identifies Christophobic Strategies for Oppressing Christians

Li-Ann Thio, author of Prophecy, Pansexuality and Pandemonium
Li-Ann Thio
Li-Ann Thio, author of Prophecy, Pansexuality and Pandemonium

Li-Ann Thio sounds like the kind of person who would write a book Christians might be afraid of. She’s a Law Professor, specializing in human rights, with degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge universities. But her recent book is a vigorous defense of Christians, especially from those facing the merciless barrage of criticism of bigotry for not endorsing the homosexual agenda. She neatly sums up the alphabet soup of sexual identities often summed up as BGLTQ, etc., as “pansexual” and identifies the ever increasing militancy of advocates of pansexuality as “homofacists” and ‘Christophobic’ activists. In her book, Prophecy, Pansexuality and Pandemonium, Thio identifies three key strategies of the Christophobic activists to target Christians:

1) Discredit those whose public values are shaped by their religious convictions, including Christians, by accusing them of instigating a ‘creeping theocracy’. Never mind the historical fact, she points out, that Christianity invented the values of limited government by separating two jurisdictional spheres based on Jesus’ principle: ”Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” (Mark 12:17).

2) Denigrate Christianity and demonize Christians as hateful hicks through smear campaigns and directing abusive invective to those exercising their right of moral dissent. Ironically, they should lose any moral ground they purport to assert through their vicious bullying tactics if people will become aware of the contradiction of the Christophobic activists crashing Christian forums, like blog discussions and Facebook pages, offensively telling the Christians there how “hateful” they are.

3) Discriminate against Christians and Judeo-Christian values. The Christophobic activists demand special privileges for anti-theistic or irreligiously shaped views in seeking to shut out religiously shaped convictions from public expression and influence.

Thio shows how she believes the rise of such oppressive, anti-Christian movements are part of the spirit of lawlessness that Biblical prophecy says will arise in the last days.

Visitors to The Christian Post Facebook page will frequently encounter such activists, often filling discussions about relevant topics with pro-homosexual and anti-Christian statements, insults to individual Christians there, offensive and even blasphemous statements geared to harass Christians and drive them away. Some such activists have even tracked down the phone numbers of Christian contributors and made harassing phone calls to them and made multiple mock-Facebook pages to defame them. The object is to make even pages like The Christian Post hostile to Christians. And Facebook implicitly encourages such targeting of Christian pages with their “community standards”, apparently interpreted through the agenda of Christophobic pansexuality, to remove expressions of Christian values, at the behest of the Christophobic homofacists through the Facebook reporting process, while ignoring egregiously insulting posts of the same activists targeting Christians.

Dr. Li-Ann Thio is a professor of Law in Singapore, specializing in constitutional, administrative, international, and human rights law. She earned a BA (Jurisprudence) from Oxford University, a Masters from Harvard Law School and then a doctorate in law from Cambridge University. She has served as a Nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament. While at Oxford, she had a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ after which she disavowed humanism and nihilism. Instead, she embraced authentic Christianity. Dr. Thio’s book is available through Genesis Books, based in Singapore.