Pro-Life Advocate on Abortion's 40th Anniversary: "You Are Safer on Death Row Than in Your Mother's Womb"

Randy Thomasson, president of California pro-family, marked the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade with a statement denouncing the true nature of the taxpayer-funded abortion industry.

"Every abortion stops a beating heart of a living person made up of unique, individual, human DNA. If you believe it's morally wrong to kill innocent human beings, that the Jewish Holocaust was evil, that the Armenian Holocaust was evil, and that the murderous regimes of Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and Pol Pot were evil, then you must regard abortion as evil because every abortion barbarically slaughters an innocent human being. Babies in the womb who are sentenced to death by abortion are dying in a most horrible way, grieving God's heart and permanently scarring mothers who permit their children to be killed.

"It's a terrible irony that you are safer on death row in California than you are in your mother's womb.California taxpayers pay to clothe and feed serial murderers who have lost their right to life, but the same taxpayers are forced to pay to tear apart and kill innocent babies in the womb who have the innate right to life because they have done no wrong and are precious human beings created in the image of God. A society that kills its most vulnerable inhabitants is not a civilized or compassionate society."

Thomasson is also encouraging California residents in San Diego, Visalia, San Bernardino, Oakland and San Francisco to attend Walk for Life West Coast events occurring Jan. 22 through 26.