Prayers for Christian Publisher Recovering from Cancer

by Rev. Austin Miles

Neal Neal, Owner-publisher and editor of American Daily, out of Arizona,who has been battling serious health issues that could well have taken him, is recovering and will have the newspaper back up and running soon.

Neal was hit with cancer that invaded his body in several places including his lungs. It must have been the Hand of God that guided him to the one hospital that could bring him out of it triumphantly. He went through several procedures and surgeries including chemo and radiation.

Knowing the severity of the cancer invasion throughout his body, doctors scratched their heads, when they observed how rapidly Neal's body responded to the chemo treatments.

As Neal described it, "That chemo went through my body like Pac Man, destroying the cancer as it roared through." He said that after each treatment, he felt a burning sensation in the infected parts and the cancer was significantly reduced each time. The doctors were amazed. Not only that, but Neal did not get sick, which is unusual for chemo patients, nor did he lose his hair. "Maybe." he said, "only a couple of strands. But there wasn't much up there anyway to start with."

He is in physical therapy now since the cancer also attacked his spine. He is going from the wheel chair to a walker, then toss aside the walker. Neal is a tough old bird whose stubborn determination no doubt played a significant role in his surprising recovery and will be a factor in his becoming totally whole.

He is scheduled to return home on Thursday. He will go back to the hospital for the final 2 chemo sessions. He is looking forward to getting back to his computer and getting his newspaper back in publication.

Tim Vaughn Studios-Brentwood,California
Rev. Austin Miles