Placebo: If You're a Christian You Better Watch this Video!

(Photo: YouTube)

This man in this video is stunning many with his explanation about placebo & Christians. What is it?

A Baptist minister who had a near-death experience explained it in one booklet, Placebo, and how it is related to Christians today.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, placebo is “a medication prescribed more for the mental relief of patient than for the actual effect on his disorder, or something tending to soothe.”

In order for a placebo "treatment to work, the doctor must convince the patient of the work of the medication."

This video based on excerpts from this booklet warns that this “treatment” is the exact “treatment” that most “mouth-professing” Christians are using today.

“The doctor administering this ‘medication’ is satan himself. He gives the 'patient' a sugar-coated religion, a shallow experience, and whispers half-truths into his ears.”

Check out the entire video here. You will be amazed!