Pastor, Who Claims He Resurrected 450 Dead People, Gives 12 Evidences from Bible

(Photo: YouTube)

Josephat Gwajima is a famous pastor from Tanzania who has claimed he resurrected 450 dead people. When he preaches he warns skeptical people that this is nothing that they can laugh.

In this video (see below) he starts presenting several evidences in Bible that prove people rise from the dead.

One of the evidences is based on a passage of 1 King 17, where Elijah prayed to the Lord over a dead boy and the boy’s life returned to him and he lived.

Gwajima said, Elijah was a man “like” us, just as in James 5:17.

“The God of Elijah is our God too,” he adds.

But people in our society today want to believe in what they see, he observes.

And he reminds the congregation that “Christianity is a religion of power.”

Watch here the first video of his sermon to a Japanese congregation about “Raising the dead” to see the evidences he presents.