Pastor Shot And Killed Son-In-Law In Self Defense

(Photo: Screenshot/WNCN Video News)

A pastor in Angier, Harnett County, N.C., reportedly shot and killed his son-in-law after a dispute Saturday.

According to WNCN, Sheriff's deputies initially received a report of domestic disturbance and later another report in which the caller had shot a man at the same address.

The victim was identified as Christian Lamar Griggs, 23, of Raleigh and the identity of the shooter was not immediately released.

However, members of the Abundant Life Worship Center in Angier said the shooter is the founder of the church, pastor Pat Chisenhall.

According to the members, the pastor acted in self-defense after Griggs tried to break into his house and threaten him.

"He had no other recourse but to do what he did," a church member of 23 years said, according to

Church members said Griggs was part of the church family and had recently separated from his wife and moved back home.

They also revealed that the Chisenhall family filed for a restraining order against him on Friday.