Pastor And Family Shot Just Feet From Church

(Photo: Screenshot/WSOCTV)

Tuesday night, a pastor and his family were shot by a man while in their car, in Charlotte, N.C. They were on their way home from Christmas shopping.

Rev. Johnny McClure told Channel 9 he pulled up behind a stopped car on Rockwell Church Road, and a man got out of the passenger seat with a gun.

According to the police, there were three men inside the car from where a young man came and pointed a gun at their car and pulled the trigger.

"I heard him yell 'Get out, get out,'" McClure said. "I said to myself after realizing it was an automatic weapon he's holding in his hand, 'I don't think so.'"

McClure then accelerated and sped off. It was then the man shot his car. "Boom! Boom!” the pastor recalled. And he didn't know if any of them were hit.

"We are very fortunate that we were not maimed in any way," McClure said.

Police arrested one of the men, a 17-year-old man identified as Jimmairo Santiago. The men had terrorized at least other four people on the same day.

The pastor for 16 years said he is in prayer for this young man that “he gets some kind of attention where he can get his life back in track.”

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