Open Mind to Open Hearts

Starting a new business in the current investing cycle is difficult at best but having your foundation in faith-based media does not widen the playing field. So it is always a blessing to be working hand-in-hand with fellow believers. The principals of Shelter Entertainment Studios, Stephen McNiel and Tom Zaczyk and Filmbandit Productions, Matt Green and actor Anthony Tyler Quinn all met at a small church in Santa Clarita, California. God brought them together and through the years they have continued to work toward creating Christ-honoring films. It is amazing how God works on our behalf of His followers. In addition to these principals they are also excited to have John Sullivan (“2016: Obama’s America” and “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”) on their team as well as the participation of actors Patrick Levis (“So Weird”, “Inside the Osmonds”) and Kevin Sorbo (“ Hercules”, “Soul Surfer”).
To see the hand of God this begins many months ago when Dave Cleland (pastor of Cornerstone Church in Georgia) pitched a story to Matt Green over lunch one day at Chipotle (where all good story ideas are pitched). Matt was captivated by the story and could immediately see it in his head so he sat down with his writing partner Anthony Tyler Quinn ("Boy Meet’s World", "Melrose Place") and three weeks later the first draft of "Open Mind" was born. Fast forward six months and many drafts later, Filmbandit Productions and distribution partner Shelter Entertainment Studios were discussing ways to build momentum for the production of the feature film. The first step was determined - make a comic book based on the script!
Since the first draft of “Open Mind,” Filmbandit Productions and Shelter Entertainment Studios have always thought the story would make a great comic book. Here’s why.
It's December 7th, 2041, the day known as Red Friday. A series of deadly terrorist attacks literally rocked the world as 8 iconic locations around the globe were targeted. In the aftermath, it is discovered that over 200,000 lives were lost. The Global outcry against such acts of cowardice and hatred became so great that it prompted then U. S. President Corday to utter his famous statement: “Separately, we die! Together, we LIVE!” From this was born his Government Unity program.
2052. Sam Reynolds sits at home, quietly studying. BAM! His front door is battered down by police forces. Red beams of light fill the room as they scan Reynolds and his surroundings. Sam remains as calm as he can, as he is told that he is being taken into custody by the government for possession of treasonous materials, civil unrest and threats against national security. Sam is ripped apart from his family while his wife and daughter helplessly watch never to see each other again.
Eight days later, up-and-coming agent Henry Bishop is working in the highly classified branch of the FBI known as R.A.M. Government Unity is stronger than ever and the FBI has perfected its weapon in the war against terror and hate: R.A.M. Henry is the newest and best wielder of that weapon and he receives a new case file. Sam Reynolds. R.A.M.'s primary function is memory analysis—the ability to penetrate a criminal's memory, and using virtual reality, plunge into the mind of the subject. The terrorist or criminal literally becomes an open book to the investigator as he searches for clues, hidden agendas and possible connections to future crimes.
What starts out as an open and shut case of terrorism for Agent Bishop becomes a hall of mirrors, as he discovers shadows and reflections that perhaps Sam Reynolds is not the man the government has made him out to be. Is there a link between Reynolds and R.A.M.? Is Government Unity really what's best for mankind? Is R.A.M. the real terrorist? Agent Bishop is slowly beginning to realize that the side he has so valiantly fought for may not be the right side at all. Everything will be put on the line as he comes to the crossroads: Stay with the status quo, or risk it all?

See why we really believe in this? Our goal is to produce an amazing comic book that would create a fan base for this story. The book will be sold through retailers upon completion in June. Then we will use the fan base as a springboard to get investors interested in the feature film version of the story. After all, a comic book is a super nice set of storyboards. For Filmbandit Productions and Shelter Entertainment Studios we realize that the work of our hands will be rewarded by our Lord.
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