Off-Duty Police Officer and ‘Angel’ Miraculously Save 4 'Babies' from Burning Car

(Photo: Screenshot/Democratic & Chronicle)

An off-duty police officer has shared how she miraculously saved three children from a burning car Saturday and how an 'angel' or unknown hero came to save the fourth child.

Officer Christine Wilson was driving her mother home when she saw a burning van after a two-car crash in Henriettta.

When she heard the driver of a Caravan screaming her trapped children Wilson sprung into action.

“I know I had to act fast, so I jumped in there,” said Wilson, according to Democrat & Chronicle.

Wilson said she first released the oldest child. Then she pulled out the infant and when she was working on the third child the car was seconds from being engulfed in flames.

“You can feel the temperature inside the car getting warm,” said the officer, who realized the vehicle would be caught on fire soon because it was not supposed to be “this warm.”

She then started hearing “popping” as the windows were busting out. "Oh my God, give me just a couple more seconds — I know I can do this."

After she pulled out the third child, Wilson said she fell on her knees and screamed: “Lord, please, help me Jesus, I did not get the last child!”

Wilson was apologizing to the other children for not being able to go and get the last one when unexpectedly an unknown man came running from the back of the van with the last kid.

“I looked at the vehicle and is nothing but God. Some unknown man..., he came from the back of the vehicle, yelling and running towards me with the last child,” said Wilson with tears in her eyes.

“I just started praising God! I don’t know who this guy was, but he really is the hero…”