Occupy: JESUS!

This my rebuttal to the protests of the Occupy(insert city, state or country) movement. This is also a plea to the banks, big businesses, corporation, millionaires, etc.. If you would be so inclined to hear me out, you might come to the conclusion that in reality you’re all in the same boat! You may not be holding each other’s hands, but if you open your mind to the reality of this world, you’ll realize you’re working each side of the same boat with the oars you have been given. The boat I refer to is sin and the oars you’ve been given is pride, in its many shapes and forms. I do believe that you are trying to do things with your best foot forward and with what you believe is the right intentions, but the moment the words “I deserve”are used, whether I deserve help or a job or I deserve to keep what I earn or earn more, it becomes really the same argument and that is: How can I make me more important than anyone else.

A protester at Occupy Wall Street wants to know what truth is? Are any of us ready for the answer?

Now that I know I’ve got your attention, Please know that this response/argument is theological in nature so this will equally annoy both of you(look something in common already). But before I continue, I have to state that from the perspective of myself and many other followers of Christ’s perspective, Jesus was/is NOT a rebel, freedom fighter, democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, independent or any kind of political movement. He wasn’t an anarchist, opportunist, crazy, liar, spiritualist, capitalist or “just another road to God.” If you think he was any of these things, you’re selling him way short. What he was then, is now and will be forevermore, IS the Christ, The Salvation of the World, The Risen King, Savior AND Lord, for those that believe. He did not come to change any system of government, but change a system of belief as it referred to God. If some government or movement changed for the better as a result of Kingdom of God beingspread throughout the world than that only proves he was who he said he was and still is! True and honest belief in the God of the Bible untwisted by human hands, have given us hospitals, foster homes, universities, scientific discoveries, abolition of slavery, civil rights. It has feed some dark times too, but again, when the truth of Scripture, Christ and God is displayed correctly for the word to see, there is life and light, not darkness and death.

So where am I going with this? To a place where both sides of this argument will come joyfully together in agreement in their thoughts of how they may feel about me or at least this article. Everyone of you, banker, occupier, protester, millionaire are wretched and detestable before the God of all creation. Without the cross of Christ to cling to, how much you scream, sing, occupy, curse, burn or protest means nothing. For you banker/millionaire, no matter how much you earn, spend, hire, even donate, it matters little to God. He has one question to ask you? What did you do with my Son, Jesus? Did you make him your Savior AND Lord? Many people like the first part, but struggle with the next. Dear disenchanted, can you say you love your millionaire neighbors as you cry out for what you DESERVE? Money holders, can you say that money is not your priority as you give to where you want and not where it is needed? There is an element of pride that is at the center of both sides of the argument. One groups wants and the other wants more. One says it deserves it, one feels entitled to it. But if all our lives belong to the one who created us, then it is all His to do with what He wants.! Whether you believe in Him or not, Whether He is your Savior or not and whether you made Him Lord or not! God brings our thoughts up higher than the pettiness of politics, financial reform, and every other cause that we can create and keep ourselves busy with as we try to fill the hole that only God can truly fill. He calls us to Him. The greatest “cause” there ever was! No higher calling, no greater aspiration, no mightier reason to do anything then to do it for him and His glory! A richer reason than all the money in the world can be donated to.

We(America) have removed this(God) from the equation and as a result we have a mess that we can’t clean up. The more we try to do it, the bigger the mess, the greater divide. If God is not the center of our lives, we are grasping for wind. There will always be groups of people opposed to the other because they believe it is there right to have this or that. As we grant rights, we take the rights of others away, even arresting them if we voice an opinion in opposition. If we seek God’s will properly and not with our own agenda, it would eliminate many of our arguments and frankly the idea that we deserve anything at all. God, through Christ Jesus is the one uniting element. He regards rich and poor wretchedly bad and saves them with an equal amounts of abundant mercy and grace.

I know the inclination is to say it’s just another religion. But there are stark differences. Every other religion encourages us to reach up to God, as if we could attain some higher thought process or spirituality. Pride once more being the factor here. Christians do it too, when we tell people just believe and this will happen or by misunderstanding God, when it comes to certain beliefs and we make it something to dogmatically follow. But those other religions and some christians miss the point. God knew we could not reach up to Him. We didn’t have it in us. He knew we’d screw it up. because we would always find ways to stop and twist it for our own needs. So what did He do? He reached down to us. He provided a way to get us to Him. Talk about entitlement program! He entitles us to have a relationship with him and we don’t HAVE to do anything in return!

For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life! John 3:16 It’s that simple!

Please, I beg you, listen carefully! Your life hinges upon it! The reason you don’t have to do anything in return is because, whether occupier or banker, we are wicked and ugly people (I include myself in that) Do some introspection and listen to these questions. Resist the desire to make excuses or make light of it. Have you ever lied? Have you ever taken something that didn’t belong to you? Have you ever disrespected you parents? Again, don’t analyze the reasons behind it, just tell yourself if these things are true or not. Have you ever lusted after anyone? Have you ever wanted to (but hopefully didn’t) kill anyone? Here maybe is the biggest one of all(though you may not realize it) have you ever used God’s name in a casual way or like a curse? If you can say yes to any of these things, you have just condemned yourself, you have made a correct judgment of your current state and nature! We can’t be good people! Sure, we moralize well enough, but when it’s needed we move the position of the bar to suit our needs and purpose. How about, “I’m better than….., I’m a good person… this one deserves it…” Hell is full of those who thought someone else should be there instead of them.

The point of this illustration is that we can’t do anything to outweigh our marred, flawed nature. No respectable judge in this country, would release a murderer because he was kind to his elderly neighbor and drove them to the doctor’s all the time. He would say, “that’s nice, but it doesn’t excuse your guilt.” Our good will never be able to outweigh our guilt. So knowing this, God provided a way for the guilt to be satisfied and for you to go free. Jesus! Jesus came, occupied this earth(had to throw in the reference), died and rose again. When he died our sin went with him. The death on the cross was the most excruciating way to die every created and it had to be. The punishment for the sins of the world were hung on that cross. He paid the penalty for our rebellion that day. We didn’t ask for it, We didn’t want it, we didn’t deserve it. but he did it anyway. he died for us when we were yet sinners.

If you, banker and you, occupier truly understand who Christ was, what he did and what it means, you attitude towards eachother would be changed beyond your imagination. If you both understood how little we truly deserve, you would realize how blessed each and every one of you are. The rich would give abundantly and willingly, not out of an arm-twisting compulsion, cursing as you hand over the money as it is pried from your vise-like grip. You wouldn’t just give, but give in away that builds up the society you live in, you would fund schools and programs and not wait for the government to take it. You would act out of a loving generosity because of the genoristy God has shown you in dying for you and saving you. it would be a compulsion of love, not an obligation of state.

And you occupier, how would it affect you? To know that God’s truly loves you and has his best for you, no matter the situation. Would you demand for more? Would you instead be a community of believers that would honestly take care of each other, whatever your economic situation? Look how quickly you shun the occupiers of the occupy movement, who come just for the resources available to them, the food and place to sleep? You betray your beliefs as quickly as you stand up for them! If Christ were truly in your heart you would care for everyone equally. You would make sure no one would lack and your richer brothers and sisters in Christ would need not be compelled to help, but would be those that support your efforts to help.

But instead, as unbelievers you fight over what you believe is right, what you believe you deserve, what you believe should be as the rich laugh at you in there abundance. You both believe your right. You both believe your just. In fullness of prideful self, one says get a job while the other demands that you give them one. When in Christ, one would say, here’s a job and the response would be give to this one, he needs it more.God regards you the same! Whether cause or cash, both lead to destruction, because your heart is not right with God. Each of you demand more of something and none of you demand more of God.

                                 Occupy Jesus...Not Wall Street!

Let Christ be the occupier of your life!

Let the sin of self preservation die!

let the sin of self righteousness give way to God’s way!

I beg you all, as your boat of governments, finances, banks, capitalism, socialism, redistribution, entitlements continue to sink deeper, look to the side, Christ is there with a hand outstreached, compelling you to step out of the boat and follow him.

The boat is sinking, but you can still stand on top of the waves with eyes firmly fixed on the ONE who transcends all of these ideas we have come up with.

Follow Christ and let him change this world one person at a time, from the inside out.

Let Jesus Occupy YOU!