Obama Scalps America's Self-Defense Capabilities

By: Charles Benninghoff

In the newly-proposed defense budget, Mr. Obama plans to eliminate funding for two of America’s most successful missile programs.

If Congress allows these cuts, within two years, the Hellfire and Tomahawk cruise missile programs will be history and by 2018, the US Navy will no longer have any cruise missiles left.

The very weapons systems that have allowed America to maintain naval superiority for the past two decades will be gone if Americans do not speak up. Read more about Obama’s plan to abolish these missile programs and its danger to the American people here.

If these cuts happen, people who live close to coastal areas in the US may want to move because Obama's toothless and weaponless Navy will not be able to protect their homes and their children.

Tomahawk cruise missiles were successfully used in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It is an effective weapon and it is dangerous to Muslim terrorist targets, so it is no wonder Obama wants to eliminate it.

The Tomahawk missiles do not need to be replaced with another weapons system. The most insane thing about Obama’s cuts is that the Navy has nothing ready to replace the Tomahawks. The next missile that the military is developing will not be “battle ready” until 2024. That is more than six years after the Navy is projected to run out of Tomahawks.

This is part of Obama's apparent overall strategy to weaken the American military and leave America vulnerable to attack.

Obama drove many of the conservative and Christian Generals and Admirals out of the military already and is eliminating the conservative Captains and Majors from the ranks this spring.

The enlisted ranks are losing Christian soldiers and patriots as well, because they cannot stand Obama's anti-American policies and transgendered military beauty pageants.

Americans should not be surprised that a left-wing Oval Office occupier wants to project American weakness to the world and allow foreign tyrants to walk all over them. Find out how you can help save these missile programs here.

Jimmy Carter tried the "soft" approach with Iran and American hostages were left captive for 444 days as a result.

Bill Clinton ran away from Muslim militants in Somalia and other nations, which led Osama bin Laden to view America as a "paper tiger.” The 9-11 attacks were at least partially a result of Clinton's cowardice.

Obama does not even want America to be a paper tiger. He wants to turn the US Navy into a mewling and helpless little kitten, at just the time when communist China and other nations are flexing their military muscles.

Obama is so predictable by now that it would be funny if he were not actively trying to get Americans killed.

The reckless cuts that Obama is proposing will even endanger our food supplies.

The communist Chinese are eager to push other nations out of the South China Sea with their navy, so they can have access to those fisheries and other resources. Unsurprisingly, Obama is willing to let them do it.

The Tomahawk missile is necessary to defend America's coasts.

God surely condemns Obama's wanton acts of bloodshed, such as indiscriminate drone attacks against civilians, but the Bible firmly supports maintaining a military for defensive purposes. Psalm 144:1 praises God for this: "Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers to fight."

These cruise missiles are an effective defense deterrent, which is why Obama wants them gone.
Obama has been wantonly trying to attack other nations, while disarming and weakening the US military. Americans cannot allow this to continue.

A former secretary of defense recently stated that a trained ape could defend America better than Obama is doing. This is obviously true.

Obama is setting us up for a future Pearl Harbor attack, an attack that his supporters will say "no one saw coming." Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear must tell Congress to abandon this reckless plan.

 You can help save these missile programs, maintain America’s defense strength and essentially save lives by urging Congress to stop Obama from these hazardous budget cuts here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so that they can help save America too.