Nude Church In Virginia? Pastor And Congregants Naked As They Worship God

In a church in Ivor, Virginia, clothing is option for everyone from the pastor to the congregation. Members in this church worship in the nude taking the statement “Come as you are” very literal.

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/ABC News)

People who attend Whitetail Chapel don’t have to worry about finding something to wear on Sunday Services. Pastor Allen Parker defends that God doesn’t care if the believers wear clothes while they pray to Him.

“If God made us that way why can that be wrong?” says the pastor, according to The Run Down.

Members of the church also explain it has nothing to do with being sexual but being free from societal judgments.

“There is no pressure to be anything other than who you are,” says one of the congregants.

The Whitetail Chapel is part of the Whitetail Nudist Resort.