New Life, Young Love, and Second Chances

The Haven by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher intrigues and delights readerswith a story that explores the bonds of friendship, family and true love in the second installment of the Stoney Ridge Seasons, The Haven (Revell/August 2012/978-0-8007-1988-3/$14.99). Fisher artfully weaves themes such as forgiveness and God’s mercy into an entertaining tale full of humor and romance. Fisher’s heroine even finds herself in the middle of a love triangle—Amish style!

The Haven features Sadie, the second of the Lapp sisters. When Sadie Lapp steps off the bus in Stoney Ridge after being in Ohio for the winter, she is faced with a decision that goes against her very essence. But, it's the only way she can think of to protect a loved one.

 “The story is essentially about the blossoming of a shy young woman who sorely lacks self-confidence, yet has an intuitive sense of wisdom and common sense,” shares Fisher. “Others see these qualities in her, but she doesn’t realize the effect she has on people. Actually, that’s part of Sadie’s charm.”

Not one, but two young men become drawn in by Sadie’s charm. Schoolteacher Gideon Smucker has been crazy about Sadie since boyhood. But his response to her surprising decision undermines his own reputation--and his relationship with Sadie. On the other side is college student Will Stoltz who is spending the spring at the Lapp farm as a guard for a pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons—courtesy of the Lancaster County Game Warden. Will needs to get his life back on track, but his growing friendship with Sadie threatens his plans.

Readers will be drawn in as the lives of these three individuals intertwine, and then unravel as unexpected twists create ripples through the town of Stoney Ridge . . . and through Sadie's heart.

In addition to her gifted storytelling, Fisher has a unique insight into the Amish way of life that makes her stand out from her fellow authors. “My grandfather was raised Plain and I grew up interacting with my Old Order German Baptist relatives,” explains Fisher. “I was always intrigued by them—lovely, gentle, kind, faithful people. I admired their simple life—their homes, their gardens, their interest in things without the need to own them.”

Fisher’s family connections have opened doors to research and resources she may not have had access to otherwise. These opportunities have allowed her to become not only a credible author of Amish fiction, but of non-fiction as well. Several of her fiction and non-fiction releases have been award finalists.

Fisher hopes her readers see that you don’t have to “go Amish” to incorporate many of their principles—simplicity, living with less, appreciating nature, forgiving others more readily—into your life.

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