New Apps to Aid Sunday School

Christian publisher David C. Cook, known for their Sunday school materials, has taken on a modern approach by developing its first Sunday school apps for Christian families.

HomeFront and Family Currents apps are designed to support parents in their role as the primary spiritual leaders for their kids, says Mike Kennedy, senior director of marketing for David C Cook.

The apps aim to complement Sunday school and help churchgoing families wherever they are in almost any situation. It also aims to help both parents who grew up in the church or parents who are new believers.

Kennedy told The Christian Post, "So often, the take home pages kids are given in Sunday school or Bible study simply do not make it home for use during the week. Incorporating Sunday school lessons throughout the week is critical to growth and transformation."

Both apps allow parents to choose from an array of activities based on different age groups. It includes features such as recipes, prayers, Bible verses, conversation starters, family games, music downloads, book downloads and other features that tie directly into weekly Sunday school lessons.

The apps also provide an avenue for addressing difficult topics such as evolution.

Through the free apps, David C. Cook hopes to not only reach families but also keep up to today's technology.

Kennedy shared, "Whether you like it or not, we are living in a tech-savvy culture where new applications and technology permeate everything we do. I don't think we have the luxury of simply waiting to see what happens or how technology affects us."

He added, "As Christ followers we should be leading the charge and looking for new and engaging ways to deliver the message of Jesus."

By offering the apps for free they hope to "eliminate any potential barrier for parents to using the app."

Although the apps are designed for parents whose church is using Tru and Rio Sunday school programs, they can still be used by any parent playing a primary role in building their child's spiritual development.

So far, the apps have received positive responses from users.

Kennedy stated, "The response has been excellent! Children's pastors and families alike are both excited about these tools and the fact that take home materials have never been delivered in such a more relevant, contemporary format."

While the app is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it is coming soon to the Droid. For iPhone users, key word search Tru HomeFront and Rio Family Currents to download the apps.