Nashville Singer/Songwriter Kathleen Fowle Releases Beautiful Inspirational-Worship

The call for all is to "COME HOME."  That is God's call to all, beautifully composed and sung by artist Kathleen Fowle.  This New music, COMING HOME is just released. "Coming Home" is available on-line now. (

The 11-track set was written and produced by Kathleen, who believes the project will bring hope to listeners. COMING HOME's musical style mixes genres of inspirational with contemporary classical, but from my perspective, it is just beautiful worship.  The review states the album highlights Kathleen's unique voice: "The simple purity of her voice is extraordinary..." (Nashville). (New Release Tuesday) I would agree, but would add that her voice expresses the lyrics, which point to Jesus, who paid the price for our salvation.  

The music published through Two by Two Express, "Coming Home" is Kathleen's 5th release, and this is her second recorded in Nashville,TN.    In the writing/arranging process, Kathleen returned home to New England to surround herself with quiet and beauty.   In listening to her CD, there is a sense of such quiet love that one feels free to cry in the embrace of the Lord and later to enter that near speechless joy of His salvation.  

Kathleen shares "In looking back over many wonderful experiences, returning home reminds me of what is important, my relationships and most of all, my relationship with God, the Father. God is my heart's true home". (New Release Tuesday)

A review from Nashville:
"From the exhilarating passages of "Calling Me Home" to the quiet beauty of "We Cry Holy", Coming Home delights the listener! Her (Kathleen's) unique voice is the hallmark of this work. The simple purity of her voice is extraordinary, a clarity rarely found in today's music world."  (NRT)

Kathleen Fowle's music is available worldwide through Two by Two Express.

Her website is