Memorial Day: Honor Our Troops (VIDEO)

What do you think about the American soldiers? Merciless Killing machines without compassion? Combat brutes? Or simple-minded strong men?

Actually, that might far from the truth. They are human like us, having all kinds of emtions, such as sympathy, love, pity, pain, sorrow and happiness. They laugh and cry, and they miss their family too. However, they know they are on the mission. What they should do is to devote everything for the country, including their lives.

Today after watched a video about Memorial Day, I was so touched by our solders. Because "it's not about country, it's about your brothers in arms who fight beside you. And sometimes die beside you. "

Just as Bible said, "there is no greater love than for a man to lay his life down for his brother."

It's time to remember and honor them for their loyalty and courage for our country.

God Bless our Troops.

The video: Psalm 23 Memorial Day Tribute