Man's Act of Kindness Sparks Sensation after He Lets Stranger Sleep on His Shoulder

A heartwarming moment which shows a stranger falling asleep on a man's shoulder on the subway has sparked the sensation and goes viral after a Reddit user braffination uploaded it about a week ago.

braffination / Reddit

Baffination explains:

Heading home on the Q train yesterday when this young black guy nods off on the shoulder of a Jewish man. The man doesn't move a muscle, just lets him stay there. After a minute, I asked the man if he wanted me to wake the kid up, but he shook his head and responded, "He must have had a long day, let him sleep. We've all been there, right?"

He was still sleeping soundly when I got off the train 20 minutes later.

It was a small gesture, but a kind one. I love New Yorkers!"

This kind gentleman has been identified as Isaac Theil, 65, who lends his shoulder as a pillow to the young man, Garvey Dutes, an actor and a model, according to Tablet.

Theil, a Jew, told Tablet:

Maybe the photo wouldn’t have become so popular if people weren’t seeing a Jewish man with a yarmulke and a black man in a hood, and because they might not necessarily correlate the two.

But there is only one reason that I didn’t move, and let him continue sleeping, and that has nothing to do with race. He was simply a human being who was exhausted, and I knew it and happened to be there and have a big shoulder to offer him.

I would love for people to use this as a lesson to just be good to each other."

Garvey responded on Facebook:

This is me, I was not on drugs. I came from a long day, very tired and I nodded off on this random guy. I actually remember falling asleep, haha thank you and god bless to that man who let me sleep.

This picture of me after a long day at John Jay college of criminal justice. This picture is worth more than a thousand words, it shows the compassion this man had for a random stranger on the train (me). Allowing me to rest my head for more than 20 minutes spectators say. This is a reminder that we are all one, the human being. Peace and one love."

Garvey Dutes via his Facebook page