Man Rescued from Bottom of Atlantic After 3 Days: 'Oh, God, by Your Name, Save Me'

(Photo: YouTube)

It is incredible. This video of a man being rescued from a sunken boat at the bottom of Atlantic Ocean is stunning everyone and it has gone viral.

Harrison Odjegba Okene from Nigeria was about 100 feet down, on the bottom of the ocean and dressed only in boxer shorts.

For three days he had survived by breathing an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen in an air pocket. He recited a psalm his wife had sent him earlier by text message and waited for a miraculous rescue.

"I started calling on the name of God," Okene said, according to Denver Post. "I started reminiscing on the verses I read before I slept. I read the Bible from Psalms 54 to 92. My wife had sent me the verses to read that night when she called me before I went to bed."

“Oh, God, by your name, save me. (…) The Lord sustains my life,” says the prayer also known as Prayer for Deliverance.

The divers had already pulled four dead bodies out of the sunken tugboat. It was when Okene’s hand appeared in on a TV screen monitoring the recovery.

They assumed it was another corpse when the hand grabbed one of the divers. But it was Okene, alive!

"What's that? He's alive! He's alive!" a voice can be heard exclaiming.

(Photo: YouTube)

The rescue happened on May 26, but the video requested by Associated Press was just released and posted on YouTube on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Check out here the amazing and divine rescue!