Little Girl Really Misses Her Brother, When She Starts to Sing for Him, She Is About to Cry!

Like most of other soldiers' families, 6-year-old Heather and her family miss her soldier brother Shaun Martin so much! Heather has a special way to show her love to her big brother and hero.

Here is a video of Heather singing "When Are You Coming Home" in a church.

Shaun was almost sixteen when Heather was born, and joined the army when his little sister was only 4. Heather remembers the happy days with her brother, and asks him “When are you coming home, Shaun?”

We can also see that Heather and her family has been keeping praying for Shaun, as the lyrics go, “In my prayers I ask God to keep you safe…Remember that Jesus is your best friend.”

(Photo: Screenshot)

(H/T: Bye2Love)