Let It Go

Family is more than blood, but this one is mine.
Duchess has been running around the house singing, "Let it Go" with the occasional, "For the First Time in Forever" thrown in for spice. I've never seen the movie Frozen, so last night, I righted a horrible wrong. With Sweetness in the kitchen watching some cheesy (appropriate) Vin Diesel movie, and Duchess running around the living room dressed in a scarf screaming, "I'm a Princess", I sat on the couch to watch the movie all my adult friends had labeled, "Their favorite movie". Well, it still isn't my favorite movie (Nemo is), I gotta admit I wasn't disappointed. As a society, we're pressured, by Hallmark, into buying into the unrealistic ideal of hearth, hot chocolate, blanket on the lap, and favorite sweatshirt as the mandate for a perfect family night, and when that doesn't happen, guilt for being a horrible mommy sets in...LOL, you gotta "Let it Go". In this house, that Martha Stewart mess, ain't gonna happen. Oh sure, once in a blue moon, there will be a movie, like Toy Story, that we can sit down and enjoy together, but more often than not, I'm just grateful that we're under the same roof. Family isn't relation, sharing a common tree... it's an emotion, and while that's some Liberal stuff right...you KNOW I'm right..... Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.....we're all in this together. I prefer the definition of "family" as an emotion, because then I can put it in my pocket and take it anywhere. I've been in the home of clients, and felt "family", so what does that tell you? Tells me that family isn't just blood....If I can answer the question, "It's 8pm. Do you know where your children are?", I'm satisfied. We may not have a hearth, we may not have had hot chocolate, but we were a family last night.....and when I'm in Church, I'm a family there too.....Okay, enough! I have to get to family...I mean work. See? I live a Blessed Live. You live one too. Be Blessed.