Lenten Reflection on Tithes: WHY MOST CHRISTIANS DON’T PAY

By: Phillips Eteng, Evangelist.

Church leaders are to be blamed for the lackluster attitude towards payment of tithe by their congregations. Most, if not all, Christians grew into the faith with Mal. 3:10 as the referral scriptures for God’s commandment on tithe; which is ten percent of all net income or produce. Being obedient Bible students and believers, no one ever bothered to ask or question the true position of God Almighty on the method of payments advocated by their spiritual leaders. We’re always afraid of offending God or upsetting the status quo, by not asking probing questions during Bible studies. Meanwhile, Jesus Christ has emphasized that we should ask, seek and knock to receive answers that will strengthen our faith in the gospel.

Over-emphasis on the church as the sole beneficiary of tithe and it subsequent failure to administer it properly, has eroded an otherwise natural prosperity designed by Almighty God for his children. Today, the church is richer in worldly goods than their members. How do you reconcile the two?

When God’s word spoken in Mal. 3:10 comes alive in the life of a tithing Christian, the church leaders don’t need to stress themselves hammering on its payment. The congregation will eagerly bring their tithes. Tithe is supposed to be an appreciation of God’s provision to His children. We are by grace meant to use our tithe to take care of the church, the stranger, the fatherless and the widow.

By the actions of the church Leaders, the congregation have been paying tithe with only 25 percent returns. The worldly nature of some of these church leaders is anything but inspiring to stimulate tithing. If christians are only harvesting 25 percent of their tithe to the church, what happens to the remaining 75 percent? Rather than live a life of abundance and to spare, they’re barely surviving!